Friday, November 5, 2010

Miss Antioch Beauty Pageant

Oh, the good 'ole south- football, bbq, huntin', fishin', and beauty pageants! Jaelin decided a couple months ago that she wanted to be in her school beauty pageant. Yes, it seems as though she does have some girliness in her after all! I was told it was a "no big deal" casual pageant and that most of the girls wear Sunday dresses and don't really go all out for it. Simple enough. I later find out that most of the girls have rented dresses, hair stylists coming to the school, and a professional photography company has been hired. I had ordered Jaelin a little flower girl dress online, was planning on doing her hair and make up myself, and taking my own pictures and video. Funny how things suddenly change the night before the big day. We went and tried on dresses and rented one that suited her perfectly. I was still semi-confident in my ability to do her hair and make up. We had fun, and I think we were both happy with how it turned out.

Once we got to the school, we set up shop-got dressed, did the touch up hair spray, lip gloss, etc. and she waited her turn to go up on the big stage. Jaelin was #19 out of 21 girls in her division so it took a little while. She did so good for her first time, not straying away from the judges at all, blowing her little kisses, and doing her exit wave. Once all the girls were finished, the judges tallied their scores, and they brought the 4 finalists back on stage just as David and Ayden were walking in from Football. Jaelin won Miss Antioch- Petite Miss- First Alternate. Basically, if they find some racy pics of the winner, Jaelin gets bumped up. She was so excited to receive her trophy, tiara, and sash...not to mention the flowers from Daddy :)

Piper and Jaelin; They're in the same class.

2nd Alternate McKilah (Kindergarten) and Jaelin

Lining up to strut her stuff...I'm hoping the photog got a better side shot of her on stage...

Miss Antioch Petite Miss Winner (2nd Grade), Jaelin (Kindergarten), and Miss Photogenic (2nd Grade)

Ms. Pratt and Jaelin (I think she was more excited that her teacher was there to watch)

One proud little family. Ayden's team won their game too, remaining undefeated.

Cloud 9

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  1. Congratulations Jaelin!!! And a job well done done Mom - she is sooo stinkin cute!